Tips for finding the best window cleaning solutions

Tips for finding the best window cleaning solutions

What is the best time to clean your windows? Simple, it is when they are dirty. Today, everybody has a very hectic lifestyle and does not have time for cleaning. It is challenging when you cannot dedicate your time to regular cleaning, and this dirt accumulates over time and gives you a tough time later.

Several factors, such as climatic presence where you live, play a pivotal role in making the entire process complicated. So it is always advisable that you clean your windows regularly and take care of your home maintenance to give the inmates of your house pollution-free and safe environments to live.

It is advisable to clean more in the spring and autumns season. You can always indulge in cleaning your windows as and when needed. While cleaning them before the arrival of winter will make your house ready for the shiny and bright holiday parties. So is the case for summer where you can clean the great and grand to have light shine through the season.

The DOs of window cleaning

With proper equipment: before you start with the cleaning process, there are a few types of equipment you need to get the job done correctly. These include a hose, soft cloth or sponge, a steady ladder, and such others. Having proper gloves and a squeegee will pick the job easier on your hands. However, it is always essential that you hire experts for the purpose so that you can have a professional service.

Washing window with a mild solution first: once you are ready with the equipment, you can start the cleaning by closing down the window frames with a mild solution such as soap and water. You can then rinse off the water with a soft cloth.

Cleaning the window with a more robust solution: After you clean the window with a mild solution, you can use a more durable solution for the windows. You may also try out something homemade or opt for a commercial window cleaning solution for a better job.

The newspaper trick: while you are at it you will notice that as soon as you start cleaning the solution runs down the window right away due to gravity and me not stay long enough to dissolve the more hardened deposits such as minerals or bird droppings. When you need to soak newspaper in water and vinegar and scrubber gently through the window to get rid of the deposits stuck without damaging the glass.

The DON’Ts of window cleaning

Never use solvents: it is always advisable that you should avoid using solutions and solvents such as strong soaps bleach or grease remover. These can damage your window and causes more harm.

Never use abrasive materials: while the idea of using response or steel wool to clean doors and windows can be attractive, but they will eventually cause more damage to your windows.

Don’t be over aggressive: always make sure that you do not get to Harsh with the windows or use an ax over a scalpel. The right solution with the light touch can keep the windows shiny and bright for long.

If you can maintain your windows, you will have a great time by avoiding the cost incurred in long-term damage cleaning. So it is always advisable that if you do not undertake such cleaning on your own, you can always hire experts, like the team at Minneapolis Commercial Cleaners.